Air & Dirt Separator

ViraPlus combined air and dirt separators can be used instead of individual deaerators and dirt separators. These combined units are very efficient and extremely cost-effective, becoming the preferred standard option throughout the industry.


ViraDeg - V6

Vacuum degassing is a technique of removing dissolved gas from a liquid solution by lowering the pressure inside a vessel containing the water and gas mixture.


TDS Blowdown System

Accurate and automatic conductivity control in boiler water reduces the blowdown rate to a minimum and helps to save water treatment chemicals, water, and heat energy.


Magnetic Level Gauge

Reading the liquid level in the gauge glass is performed by the naked eye, which is why it is important that the material is transparent, making the liquid level is visible. Pretty important unit for the steam boiler's safety. 


Temp. Compensation Type TDS Blowdown System

Temperature Compensated TDS Blowdown System consists of BK 5000-T Controller, BD 5400-T or BD 5600-T Conductivity Probe, BKV 5400 Blowdown Valve and Probe Body DG 5400.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level in steam boilers is controlled by automatic blowdown system and conductivity values ​​of boiler water are kept at desired levels. Temperature Compensated Automatic Blowdown Controller BK 5000-T, Temperature Compensated Conductivity Probe BD 5400-T or BD 5600-T measures the boiler water conductivity and if above the desired value,the Blowdown Valve BKV 5400 is opened depending on the high TDS signal from the controller than the set value.

BKV 5400 Blowdown Control Valve with electrohydraulic and spring return actuator is operated with the signal from BK 5000-T Blowdown Controller.

Unlike standard surface blowdown systems, in temperature compensated surface blowdown systems, you do not need to increase the boiler to operating temperature and pressure in order to calibrate. It has the ability to automatically self-calibrate at any temperature and pressure thanks to the controller and probe that senses the temperature differences and compensates the temperature.


Quality and Standards

Vira’s production quality is complying with the standards that recognized by the most important international partners and industrial associations.


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