Heat Recovery Equipments

There is a large amount of heat energy in the condensate, which is discharged to the drain or released to the atmosphere as flash steam. Likewise, blowdown lines containing unusable high-temperature water are a recyclable source of heat energy. VCH-3, VCH-5 and VCH-8 are atmospheric and indirect heat exchangers that recycle waste water (blowdown water) or flash steam as hot water that can be used in many different applications. The hot water produced by the VCH series is suitable for manufacturing processes, post-production cleaning applications, heating and many other applications. VCH Series waste heat recovery units do not require an additional heat exchanger and operate at atmospheric pressure. It provides energy recovery in boiler blowdowns, flash steam applications, condensate tank vents and autoclave applications.

Vira vertical flash steam tank is mounted on the condensate return and allows the separation of flash steam in the condensate at high pressure and temperature.


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