Vira Steam Boiler Automation Sytems Now EAC Certified!

Vira Steam Boiler Automation Sytems Now EAC Certified!

Vira Steam Boiler Automation Sytems Now EAC Certified!

Turkey's first manufacturer and the pioneer firm "Vira" about Steam BoilerAutomations, which combines with customers in 2020, "self monitoring low level alarm systems" what taking the EAC customs union certification in 2021, has made a rapid entry into the market.

SK 2000 On-Off level control and alarm system used in industrial boilers, SK-T 2400 Compact On-Off Level Control and Alarm System, SK 3000 Modulating level control and alarm system, SD-AY 420A Capacitive level transmitter, SK 1000 Level alarm system, SMH 1000 and SML 1000 Self-controlling level alarm systems, BS4 and BS4-T standard and temperature compensated tds blowdown systems, DB2 automatic bottom blowdown system, NK20 sample cooler and BS3- T Condensate conductivity monitoring systems were crowned with EAC certification.

Vira, which started its initiatives on the EAC customs union certificate in the last quarter of 2020 in order to sell to the countries in the EAC Region and to serve the boiler producers exporting to the countries in this region, passed all tests and approvals and was entitled to receive a certificate in the first days of 2021.

Vira Isı, which is a solution partner of prestigious projects in many countries with its certificates and innovative products, aims to continue the trend it has caught in exports and domestically in recent years and to expand its customer portfolio.


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